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How does it work?

We set up your ads on at less 4 different partners in our network
and up to 16 different partners depending of the membership your choose.
(Each month, we set up your ads at different partners!)

We offer 4 differents kind of membership.
We buy/trade the visitors amount you buy + 5% to ensure that you get at less what you ordered!

For now, we cannot change URL once an ads is seted up.
(However, email us if you need it to be change and we will note the changement for next months order!)

We are easy to use, and your ads will run in a couple of hours!
(We take a maximum of 96 hours to set up all ads, but we try to do it daily.)


Please use a tracker / Rotator !

We work hard to give our advertiser the best results with each penny invested in ads here.

And so, we want you to see that we give you good results per $1 spend!

If you are not using any tracker or rotator to see your stats, how do you know which
ads convert the best for you?

Here is an incredible Safelist that is giving Monthly free ads (even to free user) & that allow you to track your ads for free via their rotator tools:
Email Them All call that tool: Rotator in the top navigation menu.

Track your ads now FOR FREE!


Where is our traffic from?

You will receive visitors from:
PTR website
PTC website
Text Ads Exchange
Points advertising website
Other Partners



Here are our membership option!
If you got any difficulties to suscribe via those link, try to open our ads coop in a new window.

Very low cost account 

Cost: $3.5 / Month
First Month: $3

You will receive 8 500 visitors

Free 5 sec timer upgrade at custom-hits.

Normal account 

Cost: $5.5 / Month
First Month: $4.75

You will receive 16 000 visitors

Free 1:1 Ratio & 5 Sec. Timer upgrade at custom-hits.

Heavy account 

Cost: $9 / month
First Month: $8

You will receive 32 000 visitors

Free 1:1 Ratio, 5 Sec. Timer, 50% Commission upgrade at custom-hits. 

AFTER your payment, you will be redirected to a contact form or email us at bobylegros@gmail.com

Send us your website URL, your Banner URL, your custom-hits account (if you want your free upgrade) and any comments.
Email subject: " Ads details for Our Ads COOP "


PS:  Use Email Them All rotator to track your ads FOR FREE! 
That way, I am sure you will come back!

Full name
Payment Email:
Contact Email:
Site URL:
Banner Image URL:
For Banners package only
Custom-Hits account
for your free Upgrade
Please allow us up to 72 hours to set up your ads.
You will receive an email from us as your ads will run.

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